Jose Delgado is an example of dirty criminal who worked for the criminal administration called the cia for developing directed energy weapon system (silent weapons, EMF weapons for horrific genocide programs and human trafficking programs hidden under the name of soft kill, slow kill, social engineering) . The example is interesting in many aspects: it shows you that the criminal administrations of states (cia, kgb, mossad, dgse, mi5-6 … the secret services and spy agencies) had these criminal intentions and weapons since a very long time).The dirty intrusions perpetrated against 7 500 000 000 people combined with the use an integrated weapon system (of directed energy weapons) combined with the constant and shameful presence of states criminal agents using these dirty weapons and your personal data against you constitute the dirtiest and most ignominious crimes ever perpetrated in human history. The examples of the monkeys in this cage and the dirty intentions of Jose Delgado shows how this integrated weapons system work for brain washing, torture, human trafficking, provoking wars economical crises, health catastrophes and hunger intentionally (also manipulating power and social systems …): the secret services, spy agencies and theses dirty states criminal agents internationally complicit for perpetrating these crimes against you individually but also collectively (in your interactions: social interaction, Geo political interactions, religious interaction, economical interactions, personal interaction, family interaction, sexual interactions, legal interaction …). The states army satellites (the fake “supposed enemies and rivals”) collect the exact same data perpetrating dirty intrusion against the entire world population while perpetrating and hiding their dirty crimes in total complicity with each other. Examples for the Americans who talk about intrusion and the very actual crimes of the nsa and cia against people in America: they usually don’t mention or seem to not understand that the satellites and the military of other supposed rival or enemy nations (example china and Russia since a very long time) also perpetrate the dirty crimes of 100% intrusion against the American people and use the same weapons, methods, agents in total complicity with the cia the nsa (and they perpetrate the exact same crimes against the Americans and their “own population”/height treason against the entire world population). The generals of the army who are criminals in uniform have proven that they are extremely abject criminals and without any morals, because it is the means and the weapons of which they dispose that limit them in their abject crimes. As soon as they had the weapons (the advancement of science in particular with computers powerful enough to attack the dignity of all humanity with abject intrusions), they took each other as a pretext to administrated the dirtiest crimes ever perpetrated in human history.

States are ontological frauds, artificial segregation built against God (based on dirty and obscene lies notably called "state criminal secrets") and de-facto obsolete.

The HOLY revolution and Unity in FAITH of all humanity is the most glorious victory in human history:fulfillment of the divine essence of the human thoughts,the reconquest of our GOD given rights,our unique and divine path for health,freedom,truth,peace...

-Attacks by Directed energy weapons against the world population

-4000+ satellites

-dirty intrusions against the world population

-states agents guilty of the dirtiest crimes

The Holy Revolution and unity in FAITH of all humanity is the most glorious victory in human history.

Patent US 3951134- 1974 - Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves. extremely dirty and abject crimes perpetrated by states (notably the secret services and spy agenesis)against the world population.

This the beginning of the most glorious victory in human history: The Holy Message is Coming

Documentation and examples describing the dirtiest weapons ever used in human history: the INTEGRATED WEAPON SYSTEM used by states and notable their secret services and spy agencies for attacking the god given rights of 7 500 000 000 people