Interview and interrogate the doctors: explain the assaults by directed energy weapons, show them your documents and ask for medical certificates for assault and battery and attempted murder with premeditation. Make a list of the doctors who try to intimidate you (in particular by political abuse of psychiatry) or pretend not to understand: share their names (as widely as possible: I am also inserted in having their names and identification) with the other victims and truth tellers. Some doctors will tell you that if they write medical certificates for attacks by directed energy weapons they will have reprisals from the council: affirm to them that they are solely responsible for complicity in crimes against humanity Ask the names of the members of the medical council who threaten them and previsions for the precise identification of these abject criminals.

Choose the doctors you believe are the most honest. Frequent massage of painful areas, particularly at the musculo-articular level, helps to reduce the necrotizing effects of attacks by directed energy weapons.I recommend that you do frequent stretching exercises. Directed energy weapon attacks are intentionally perpetrated by the dirtiest torturers who want to multiply the harmful effects of their despicable weapons and inflict maximum suffering on the victim. Simplified explanation: The immune system and the neurological systems of pain signal transmissions potentiate their reactions with repeated attacks. Miserable torturer uses this mechanism by repeating the attacks and knowing that the pain and the inflammatory reactions increase exponentially with repetition.

- For pain, I recommend that you take painkillers immediately to avoid the onset of chronic pain

- Each assault with directed energy weapons causes tissue necrosis and inflammation: anti-inflammatory medication can help (example: 5 mg of cortisol per day)

These two molecules commonly used by athletes can help reduce the necrotic effects of assaults and mutilations by directed energy weapons:

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG)

Hydroxymethylbutyrate (Hmb)

Miserable Secret Service criminals often attack victims' hearts and vital organs: do cardio training. These miserable criminal agents use shameful intrusion while perpetrating heinous crimes: one of their particularly nasty techniques is to torture and debilitate the victim to the point where the victim is not resisting any more and even feel guilty. The intentions of these agents who notably use these mechanism of tortures for pimping and human trafficking are absolutely awful. Never forget that these agents are the dirtiest criminal in human history and that they will be eradicated: resist and fight them by all means..